Easiest way to deploy

Upstatic makes deploying to Amazon S3 as easy as pushing changes to GitHub. It automatically creates S3 bucket and configures that for website hosting—all you need is Amazon credentials.

upstatic deploy


Optimized for speed

Average deploy time with Upstatic is only 3 seconds when using concurrent file uploads. Upstatic also keeps track of all your changes and deploys only the files that have changed.

Gzipping and caching

All your files are Gzipped, cached and distributed globally using Amazon’s content delivery network. You can let Upstatic configure Gzipping and Cache-Control headers or define your own.

ContentType  = "text/html"
CacheControl = "public,

Multiple user accounts

Supports multiple user accounts, so you can use Upstatic for both commercial and personal projects. There’s no limit on the number of accounts either.

Upstatic supports multiple user accounts

Redirects and error pages

Upstatic makes it easy to set up redirects, which can be challenging to do via Amazon’s own interface. We provide support for custom 404 error pages and server MIME Types too.

Rules = [
  ["/old", "/new"]
  ["/ups", "/upstatic"]

Mac, Windows and Linux

Written in Go, so Upstatic will work on almost any platform. Just download the package and follow the instruc­tions. If you’re using Mac OS X, you can also install via Homebrew: brew install upstatic

Download for Mac OS X, Windows or Linux

What people are saying

  • Deploying to S3 was the last painful bar­rier between me and silky-smooth static sites. Upstatic removed it.
    — Joni Korpi
  • Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia ad minim venim lorem ipsum.
    — Brad Frost
  • Why didn’t I move all my websites to S3 earlier? It’s so much faster and cheaper to host everything there.
    — Viljami Salminen
  • Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est.
    — Ben Brignell

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